Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance has come to the attention of most everyone with the hurricane we experienced in September of 2008. Phillips Insurance Associates Inc. is committed to bringing you the best in coverage from financially strong insurance carriers. The wind storm of 2008, with the week long power outages and wind damage, made it clear that we not only need to be concerned with price, but with coverage and service at the time of a disaster.

Our main office is equipped with a building back up generator and we are proud to say that we were up and running to process claims the day after Hurricane Ike made it’s pass through southern Ohio. As with auto insurance, most of our carriers provide 24/7 claim reporting via telephone or web (see claims reporting #‘s). Most consumers do not recognize the coverage differences when shopping for homeowner coverage. There are huge price swings in endorsement coverages, from earthquake coverage, to water back up and identity theft, none of which are covered in the basic homeowner’s policy.

Our goal is to match the coverage needs of our policyholders to the insurance carrier that fits the need most competitively.

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